The southern state of Andhra Pradesh, India’s second largest (275,045 sq kms), is bordered by Maharashtra, Chhatisgarh and Orissa in the north. It has a rich agro industrial base. It is bordered by the Bay of Bengal to its east that gives it a 970 km coastline with excellent prospects for the marine industry and has Tamil Nadu to its South and Karnataka to its west. Thanks to the rivers Godavari and Krishna, the state has a rich agricultural tradition and is amongst the top Indian producers of rice. It also has a rich and varied industrial base with institutes of excellence in education science and technology research, health care and state-of-the-art technology in several spheres of economic activity that make it very popular with industrial investors from India and overseas. The capital of Andhra Pradesh is Hyderabad, which, given the advances in the IT space, is often referred to as Cyberabad.