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AGIS Premium Fiberglass Tape Resist

AGIS Premium Fiberglass Tape Resists Both High Temperatures and Moisture

Suburban Philadelphia manufacturer of industrial sealing products markets premium fiberglass tape, capable of performing in service conditions characterized by ambient moisture and temperatures as high as 1000 deg. F.

Industrial News Buzz - A fiberglass tape, combining high temperature resistance capabilities with superior moisture resistance , high tensile strength and exceptional flexibility, is available from AGIS, LLC, manufacturer/distributor of high temperature industrial sealing products.

AGIS Premium Fiberglass Tape has been engineered for foundry, metalworking, heat treating and other industrial applications where temperatures reach as high as 1000 deg. F. Recommended uses include: tadpole gasket covering, thermal insulating, pipe hangers, oven door seats, pipe wrapping and flange gasketing.

AGIS tapes meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements for incombustible materials and will not burn or smolder. At 700 deg. F, the tape retains 50% of its tensile strength; at 1000 deg., it retains 25% of its tensile strength.

Independent test results show that AGIS Premium Fiberglass Tape has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any industrial textile fabric. At the same time, however, the product maintains a high degree of flexibility.

AGIS Fiberglass Tape is a plain, woven tape manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarn; it contains no compound, cement or wire. In the manufacturing process, a proprietary heat treatment technique is applied to the surface which renders the tape free from most of the surface grit usually associated with fiberglass. A selvage edge is routinely applied.

Because of its unusual characteristics, AGIS Fiberglass Tape is easy to handle and can be readily cut, formed and sewn for specialized applications.

AGIS tape's non-cellular composition also renders it moisture-resistant. Unlike other gasketing or insulating materials, therefore, the tape will not swell, stretch, shrink, deteriorate or change chemically after prolonged exposure to water.

AGIS Premium tape is available in thicknesses of .025", .060" and .125"; in widths ranging from 1/2" to 6", and in 100' - lengths. A heat-treated finish is standard; optional waterproof, rewet and/or flameproof finishes are also available.


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