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Glittering inauguration

India, 12 June 2013,
In the presence of around 600 guests, the Lapp Group inaugurated its new service and logistics centre in Ludwigsburg with a dazzling display of acrobatics. The centre is the most modern facility of its kind, and its patented transport technology and automated high-rise warehouse set new standards within this sector. “We have invested over 50 million euros in our new service and logistics centre – the biggest single investment in the history of our company,” says Andreas Lapp, Chairman of the Board of Lapp Holding AG. “The centre will be good for our customers, our employees and the environment, and marks an important milestone on the road to continued growth for our company.”

The arrival of the Lapp Group in the Hintere Halden industrial estate is also a major triumph for the city of Ludwigsburg. “I am delighted that the Lapp Group has chosen to locate this centre in Ludwigsburg. It enhances our city’s reputation as a business location,” says Mayor Werner Spec. “Lapp is a successful, globally active family-run enterprise from our region – a company dedicated to top quality and promoting sustainable development. This is why it fits in so well here. Ludwigsburg’s commitment to sustainable urban development has been attracting considerable attention in recent years, both nationally and internationally.” A striking building The new service and logistics centre comprises three interconnected halls with a total floor space of 30,000 square metres – bigger than four football fields – plus an office building 1,500 square metres in size. The façade is 270 metres long and 11 metres high, with 30 ramps for loading and unloading HGVs. The centre was built in accordance with the latest energy efficiency guidelines. The overhead heating uses energy-efficient radiant tube heaters that ensure an average temperature of 17–18 degrees. On the roof is a photovoltaic system with 4348 crystalline modules and an annual energy yield of 1,000 MWh. This means that 72 per cent of the overall power consumption is generated on site in Ludwigsburg, from renewable sources. The new service and logistics centre has been fully operational since last autumn. Prior to this, the previous storage facilities in Freiberg am Neckar and Kornwestheim were closed one by one. Some operations from the French site in Forbach were also transferred to Ludwigsburg. Construction work began in 2011. Today, the new centralized location employs 130 people – 45 more than the Freiberg and Kornwestheim facilities combined – and storage capacity has risen from around 70,000 cable drums to over 90,000, with ÖLFLEX® connection and control cables and UNITRONIC® data cables. Innovative technology The innovative centrepiece of the service and logistics centre is Hall 2, which is capable of storing up to 74,000 cable drums with diameters ranging from 400 to 800 millimetres. Fork-lift trucks carry these to a conveyor belt around 700 metres long and 600 millimetres wide, with four transfer stations ready and waiting.

From this point, the entire process is automated thanks to two innovations patented by Lapp. The first comes in the form of special gripper arms, known as “Dorngreifer”, which insert a spine into the middle hole of the drum. This then opens up, enabling the drum to be lifted. In just one hour, one of these gripper arms can transport at least 60 drums weighing up to 400 kilos each. “Using this method we can avoid the damage small drums sometimes suffer when being carried by fork-lift trucks,” says Executive Vice President Josef Holz. The second patent is a specially developed system pallet made of plastic. It features nubs and grooves, keeping the drums secure and stable for further transport. The allocation of items within the warehouse is also fully automated, using light barriers and RFID technology. Along the 18 shelf aisles, storage and retrieval units pack the drums into their designated locations or retrieve them – a further space-saving measure. Previously, aisles had to be up to four metres wide to accommodate the fork-lift trucks; now, 1.20 metres is fine. The standard pallet warehouse is in Hall 3, and is capable of storing around 17,000 cable drums with diameters of 900 millimetres and over. The automated coil warehouse in Hall 1 offers a further 11,000 storage locations. Customized, ultra-modern shipping In Hall 1, orders are cut to length, packaged and labelled, all in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Twelve unmanned transport systems carry the cable drums to the cutting station. The personnel here can handle up to 150 drums per day. Finally, coils or drums are sent by conveyor belt to one of the five packaging stations. Together, these are capable of readying 334 drums and 165 coils for dispatch hourly. Multiple benefits l Customers can now receive one single shipment containing every product in their order, as opposed to multiple packages from different locations. The result: shorter delivery times. l The new service and logistics centre also offers considerable advantages to employees, who are now able to work in an entirely dust-free environment. And all workstations are ergonomically designed to reduce the stress placed on the operator’s back. l This emphasis on a single location given over to cable drums has eliminated the need for countless internal transport journeys. Annual savings are estimated at 750 HGV journeys each year, which in turn means an annual CO2 saving of around 155 tons. Extra service in Stuttgart With all cable drums grouped together in Ludwigburg, there is now room for additional services at the company headquarters in Stuttgart. Here, only SKINTOP® screwed cable glands, EPIC® industrial plug-in connectors, FLEXIMARK® cable marking systems and SILVYN® protective cable conduit systems are stored.

“Our Stuttgart office can now offer solutions tailored specifically to customer requirements,” says Josef Holz. These include, for example, putting together customized cable sets or kits. Small containers are also now possible – for electricians, for example. Pre-assembly is an additional option, and individual packaging and marking requirements can also be met. There is also a growing demand for just-in-time logistics. Such operations call for seamless organization, wherever the eventual destination. Open for business in Ludwigsburg: the Lapp Group’s new state-of-the-art service and logistics centre.


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