Aluminum is a widely used material which we see in home use and across the world of construction and industry. This is a corrosion resistant material which is very easy to maintain, not to mention that it is easy to work with and usually low cost when compared to other metals. It is the strength of aluminum which people enjoy so much, and the ratio of strength to weight which is superior to the likes of copper, steel or iron. Within aluminum there are many gardens and alloys to consider. If buying aluminum sheets Melbourne has a long list of high quality suppliers, and these are the grades you could be looking at, depending on the project.

3003 Aluminum Plate

This is the most used aluminum sheet on the market thanks to its incredibly easy workability and its corrosion resistance. Additionally this alloy reacts well to finishing and it is seen in use for garage doors, vessels and builder’s hardware. If in doubt, it is usually better for a basic project to opt for the 3003 aluminum plate.

5052 Aluminum Plate

Aluminum sheet suppliers also sell a great deal of the 5051 aluminum plate, which is very similar in its qualities to the 3003 grade. The difference with this sheet is that it is even better at resisting corrosion and it is also stronger. Very often railings, fencing, mailboxes and cooking utensils will be made using the 5052 plate.

6061 Aluminum Plate

Of all the heat treat grades this is the most widely used. This is an easy alloy to work with using machinery, it can be welded with ease too. This is considered medium strength and is often used in pip fittings, components for bridges and in some building materials.

7075 Aluminum Plate

This is not the highest strength aluminum plate on the market, but it is the highest which most aluminum sheet suppliers stock. In general the strength of this particular plate is akin to many steel grades. Given the benefits which this particular alloy offers in terms of weight and strength, it is often one of the most expensive options on the market. Where lower cost options may not be available, the 7075 aluminum plate will be used. This sheet is widely used from aircraft parts to bike frames, it has even been used on parts for missiles.

If you are in any doubt about which kind of alloy sheet you need for your project then it is always best to ensure that you speak to the professionals. As mentioned, when it comes to aluminum sheets Melbourne has a huge range of suppliers with experts working there, who will be more than happy to advise you on which the right alloy is for you, depending on your budget and the project which you are undertaking. Always spend time on getting the right sheet as the wrong one could result in a low quality finish to the job, which doesn’t provide the level of support which you require.

Rich Seigel - Author

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