There are so many handy tools which every person doing DIY and even every factory should ensure that they have stocked up, and today we are going to focus on the perfect tools which are used to get into the details. This may be the details of a machine and how it cuts, this could be the cleaning details or perhaps even design, whatever the case, the details matter and there are some great products which people need in order to equip themselves for becoming masters of details.

Whether this is for your day at work or your life at home, here are some handy tools which will always be required.

Pocket Knife

The idea of an industrial scale factory may conjure up images of huge piece of equipment and machinery but the reality is that it is the small stuff which is just as important. For this reason a high quality multi-purpose pocket knife is going to be absolutely essential to what you are doing and it can help in so many different ways. We have seen monster sized machines being fixed with a small knife before and these little bad boys really pack a punch.

Electronic Ruler

A rule was always a handy thing to have in your pocket although it was somewhat limiting, which is why the electronic ruler is the perfect item to have. The reason why this is so much better than a traditional ruler is that it has a wide variety of options for measuring angles, levels and it even has additional details such as humidity which of course is essential when you are doing so many jobs.


One of the most used pieces of equipment in our factory is an old jigsaw which we actually brought from the old premises to the new one. This is so good for cutting out pieces of wood which we use for a wide variety of things and it is one of those pieces of kit which just comes in handy on so many occasions. This is such a handy tool to have for the details and you will use it far more than you believe.

Magnifying Glass

Both at home and at the factory I will always ensure that I have a magnifying glass on hand to help me to ensure that things are exactly as I want them to be. A magnifying glass is the ultimate way to get the focus on the fine details and get things absolutely perfect. This is something which you can easily carry around in your pocket and it will come in handy believe me.


And of course the most important tool of all tools and that is a pencil, the tried and trusted option which we all should have with us. Ignore mod cons and get a pencil in your pocket, you will find that you will be using it for a wealth of things that a phone or a tablet just cannot manage.

These are the key tools you will need to take care of the details.

Rich Seigel - Author

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