Industrial blowers play an essential role in the logistics of any manufacturing plant or factory and they are not only key to ensuring that the process of production continues, they are an essential aspect of parts maintenance. A cooling blower breaking down is not just a headache for a factory manager because they may need a new blower, the heat which has increased could easily have caused damage to other aspects of the machinery or the production line, creating additional cost and lost time whilst the repairs are made.

For these reasons ensuring the purchase of a high quality industrial blower which fits the spec that you need is going to be essential. When buying a new blower for your workplace, here is what you need to take into consideration.

Fan or Blower

Fans are significantly lower in price than blowers and depending on what you need the product for you may very well be able to save some money and invest in fans rather than the more heavy duty blower. A fan’s specific ratio is up to 1.11 whereas a blower hovers at around 1.11 -1.20, packing far more of a punch than a fan. Equally if you are focussing on the mmWg, or the pressure rise which is factored into the cooling which you need, industrial fans sit at around 1136 whereas a blower can produce between 1136 – 2066, quite the difference .

Blower Type

A more economical option could be the solution for you when buying your blower is to avoid the centrifugal blower which many believe that they need and instead look at a rotary vane or lobe positive displacement blower. This second option is high performance and low cost. If you need a large scale blower for combustion air supplies, drying and cooling systems or air conveyer systems which have been built on a large scale then these are going to be a far better option for you.

Important Attributes

One blower doesn’t fit all and that is why it is important to understand what exactly you need from the  blower. Consider the type of blower, the blades which are needed and the cost of replacements, flow capacity, maximum operating pressure and port design. If you have regulations or have made guarantees regarding your energy output then this of course will be another area which you will have to consider ahead of getting the blower.

Main Companies

Here is a list of some of the world’s most reputable sellers when it comes to blower production and sales, these are the guys who you should be checking out before anyone else.

  • Pacific HVAC Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Delta Electronics (Netherlands) BV
  • Universal Blower Pac Inc
  • Marsh Electronics, Inc
  • Howden American Fan Company

The more time you invest now in getting the right blower, the less time you’ll need to spend later on down the line with part replacements or lost business hours because of a breakdown.

Rich Seigel - Author

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