With advancement in technology, people are living behind the 9 to 5 jobs. They are choosing more flexible ways of earning money. One way is to become a blogger. For example, you can choose to become a travel blogger. As a travel blogger, you get to travel and post about the experiences you encounter while traveling. The challenge however, is learning how to monetize your blog. There are some tips that can leverage your skills as a blogger to make money.

Keep reading to learn the best tips on how to make your blog profitable.

Know Your Target Audience

A blogger is a marketer for online content. As any successful marketer knows, you must know your target audience before starting a business. You need to know the needs and wants of the audience. As a travel blogger, for example, the audience is interested in things like hotel accommodation costs and tourist sites that are worth visiting. This is a great way to stand out and make relevant content that drives traffic to the blog.

Quality Content

Since you already know your target audience, you must consistently provide them with quality content. This sometimes means spending hours to come up with great material. It may seem challenging, but it is worth it. Quality content will drive traffic to the blog. With more traffic to the blog, you are guaranteed to make money. As many bloggers say, content is king.

One way to make quality content is to make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is whereby you write posts that are based on what most people are frequently searching for in google (by using keeywords). The advantage to this method is that your blog pops up when someone googles about a topic you have written about.

Use of Ads

Use of ads is a way that most bloggers have found useful in making money from blogs. With every click on an ad by any visitor, the blogger gets paid. You will need to partner with a media partner for you to display their ads on your blog.

The trick to using ads is to minimize the ads so that visitors to the blog do not get saturated. Also, if you just started a blog, it is not wise to use ads right away. You need to first attract visitors to the blog before using the ads.

Use of Affiliate Marketing

Bloggers also use affiliate marketing to earn money from their blogs. Affiliate marketing is where you advertise the products or services of a company or individual. You do this by placing special tracking links in your blog. When a reader clicks on the link, they can purchase directly from the company you are marketing for. You will receive a specific portion of commission or revenue for every reader who purchases a product or service.

Sell a Digital Product

Examples of digital products include eBooks, courses and videos. Bloggers are making use of this method to earn money. For example, a travel blogger can sell a travel guide to readers or start an online course about how to become a blogger. When the readers purchase the guide or enroll in the course, the blogger receives revenue.

Paid Press Trips

Paid press trips is where a company pays you to fly out, pays for the hotel accommodation and organizes trips for you. The company pays you to advertise their services to your readers and highlight their product on your blog.

To get press trips, you will need to network. You can do this by attending events or conferences where big brands are attending. To market yourself, you need to carry business cards and mingle.

Make a List of Emails of Your Dedicated Subscribers

The use of emails is a method of communication that does not seem to phase out. A list of emails of the dedicated subscribers will ensure that they always get your content if other platforms fail. Another use of email is for your subscribers to access and download your posted content.


The techniques discussed here can help you to make blogging a success. For some people, these methods just seem to kick in right away. However, it may take time for others to make it in the blogging business. The trick is to keep persisting. It pays off!

Rich Seigel - Author

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