Are you still pulling stakes by hand?

If you continue to pull out stakes this way, you’re putting yourself at risk of serious injury. Three out of four back injuries suffered by more than one million workers each year are due to lifting. If this is how you do your work, please stop.

There’s a better and much safer way.

Have you heard of a stake puller? This nifty equipment is the solution to the back-breaking job of stake-pulling. It makes the job easier, more efficient, and far less punishing on your back.

To know how a stake puller tool works and how to use it, please keep on reading.

What’s a Stake Puller and How Does It Work?

If you recall basic science, a lever is an effective force multiplier. Archimedes even famously said that if you give him a lever and a place to stand, he can move the world.

Stake pullers harness the mechanical advantage of a lever and fulcrum to extract stakes from the ground. You only need to apply a small force to do the task. More importantly, you’re not doing any lifting action that can put a serious strain on your back.

Stake pullers come in different models. You can choose a fence stake puller, a concrete stake puller, etc., depending on the type of “stake” to be pulled.

How Do You Use It?

The steps required to use a stake pulling tool are simple and almost effortless.

There’s no need for any prep work. You don’t have to loosen the posts before using this equipment. This means that you can ditch that hammer that can cause serious injuries if you take a swing and miss!

All you need is the puller itself. But if you’re working on top of soft soil, you might need a board to support the base of the device. That’s it.

Without further ado, here are the steps for using a stake puller.

Step One

Align the puller with the stake. The mouth or jaw must surround the rod or post.

The base of the puller should be on the ground adjacent to the stake. Again, use a board if you think that the ground is going to sink if you apply a downward force.

Step Two

Lift the handle up to completely open the mouth of the puller. When you push down on the handle, the machine will perform two simultaneous actions.

First, the mouth will clamp and apply a significant gripping force around the rod. The second action is the pulling part, similar to how you use a claw hammer to pull out a nail.

Step Three

Use nice, even strokes to pull out the stake incrementally. You don’t need to pull it out in one stroke, you can adjust the pace to your comfort. Repeat the motion until the stake is completely out of the ground.

Easy, right?

Preserve Your Back With the Right Equipment

If you care about your back, don’t ever pull out stakes by hand anymore. Use a stake puller, its name is literally what it does! Leverage the power of this machine to do the job in a more efficient and safe manner.

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Rich Seigel - Author

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