There are almost 700,000 construction companies operating throughout the U.S. at this time. Some of these companies are very large and employ thousands of people, while others are very small with just a few employees.

But all construction companies, no matter how big or small, have one thing in common: They all rely on construction machinery to get their jobs done. Without the right heavy construction machinery, they aren’t able to complete all of the tasks that they need to tackle on a daily basis.

Certain companies will try to get away with obtaining a construction machinery rental whenever they need one. Other companies will invest in every single item found on a building construction machinery list.

But whatever the case, these companies would find it impossible to work without having construction machinery at their disposal. Here are five of the most useful pieces of construction machinery on the average construction site.

1. Dump Trucks

If you take a look at any construction site, one of the very first things you’re going to see is at least one dump truck on it. More often than not, you’ll see at least a few different dump trucks coming to and leaving the site on a consistent basis.

So, what’s with all the dump trucks? Well, they play a very vital role on construction sites and are some of the most valuable construction machinery around. They can be used to both bring materials to a job site and to carry waste away so that it can be taken to—you guessed it!—the dump.

It’s not going to be possible to operate a successful construction site without a dump truck on hand. It’s usually one of the first pieces of construction machinery to arrive on a site and one of the last pieces to leave it. Plus, if your company doesn’t own its own dump trucks, you can easily arrange for a rental company to provide drop off and collection of dumpsters to and from site for you to use.

2. Excavators

Before construction can begin on a construction site, a construction company will usually have to dig it up to get it ready for whatever is going to be built on top of the ground. To do this, a company will need to have an excavator handy.

An excavator is a very large and very powerful piece of construction machinery that can be used to dig holes, dig trenches, and pretty much do whatever digging might need to be done on a construction site. You’re going to have a tough time preparing a construction site without one.

Outside of helping to prep a site for construction, excavators can serve a million other purposes. They can be used to:

  • Take down trees
  • Dredge rivers
  • Lift heavy materials
  • And so much more

You might be able to live without certain types of construction machinery on a job site. But you’re not going to be able to function without an excavator.

3. Backhoes

Are you planning to dig up a bunch of soil on a construction site and move it around? An excavator will obviously be able to help you do this, but it’s going to take some time to get soil from point A to point B since excavators tend to move on the slower side.

One way to get around this is by bringing in some backhoes to move soil around. They’re large and in charge just like excavators are, but they’re slightly more nimble and easier to maneuver around.

Just like excavators, backhoes can also be used to do more than just one or two things. Outside of moving soil around, backhoes can be utilized to unload materials on a construction site, move materials, and so much more. They’re another must-have piece of construction machinery.

4. Bulldozers

If you’re planning on pushing a whole lot of soil around on your construction site, doing it with an excavator or a backhoe might take you entirely too long. You need something that’s going to be able to take a large quantity of topsoil and move it quickly without any problems.

This is exactly what bulldozers are for. They’re perfect for those construction companies that need to push around tons and tons of soil and rocks on a construction site. They can level an entire construction site fast and help you move on to the next portion of a project.

5. Cranes

If your construction company is going to be building a one or two-story building, you might not need to bring a crane onto your job site. It might not get used to its full potential in this situation.

But if you’re going to be building something on the taller side, then it’ll make all the sense in the world to bring in a crane that can lift materials up and down as needed. You should look for a crane that’s tall enough and strong enough to cater to your specific needs.

Just make sure that you either have a crane operator on your staff or hire a crane operator to use a crane on your construction site. Cranes are often more complicated than other pieces of construction machinery and should only be operated by someone who is trained to do it.

Be sure that you consider all the other machinery that you might need to help your company put its best foot forward at all times, too. Discover more about some of the things that your company might need to take its services to the next level.

This Construction Machinery Is Necessary for Any Good Construction Company

When people think about construction companies, they usually think about a bunch of construction workers walking around using hammers and other tools to build things. But oftentimes, it’s the construction machinery, not the construction workers, who are doing a lot of the heavy lifting on job sites.

The construction machinery that we’ve talked about here is just the tip of the iceberg for many construction companies. These companies need as much machinery as they can get to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

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Rich Seigel - Author

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