The global economy and real estate market is on fire. In Canada, for example, third-quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to grow 48%. The experts believe that one-eighth of that growth comes from construction, renovation, and housing transfer.

One industry that benefits from so much construction is commercial cleaning. No construction job is finished until a cleaning crew comes to remove the debris, dust, and waste materials.

Read on to learn how to hire the best cleaning company. Explore 5 factors to consider when hiring commercial cleaners.

1. Referrals

Professional referrals are one of the best ways to hire a commercial cleaner. If the company did a great job for someone else, it is likely that they will meet your expectations as well.

The power of social media gives you a powerful tool for obtaining referrals. You can post on Facebook or LinkedIn asking for a cleaning company referral. This strategy allows you to access your company’s professional network while barely lifting a finger.

2. Positive Feedback

While referrals put you in the right direction, more research is warranted before making a hiring decision. The internet is a powerful tool for researching client testimonials.

Many companies put client testimonials on their webpage. However, you should turn to public forums so that you can receive honest and unedited feedback.

At the same time, you should not abandon old-school methods that are still effective. References and reviews are still pertinent in the 21st century.

Before hiring any company, ask them for at least three professional references. Then, make sure to follow up and contact each one for a review.

3. Experience

Not all cleaning experience is created equal. You do not want to hire a residential cleaning company for an industrial site.

Most companies detail their professional cleaning experience on their website. While this is a good start, you should ask questions to dive deeper into their experience.

Ask each company to provide a list of comparable jobs. Make sure these jobs are recent as verification that the current cleaning staff was a contributor.

4. Equipment

Another important factor is whether the cleaning company has the right office cleaning tools for the job. You should communicate with each cleaning company regarding how your site is unique. The ceiling height, for example, may be important if the company needs extension ladders.

In addition, you need to define the scope of the cleaning job. Does the company need power cleaners to adequately clean the site?

How much debris needs to be removed from the site? The commercial cleaner may need heavy-duty equipment to lift and remove heavy debris.

5. Proper Credentials

Lastly, you should only entertain companies with proper credentials. This means that they are licensed to operate within the state or territory by the government.

Also, the cleaning company needs a sufficient insurance policy. If anything is broken or damaged, the insurance policy will cover the repair or replacement.

A Recap of Hiring Commercial Cleaners

Hiring a commercial cleaning company is an important milestone in the business world. Whether it is a construction site or an operational manufacturing plant, these companies help maintain a clean and safe environment.

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Rich Seigel - Author

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