Roll up roll up all DIYers and industrial product buyers as we have some of the best hand tools for you to use in your factories and in your homes this year. Hand tools are the most commonly used tools in the workplace and in the home and each year there are some new editions and new product lines to check out.

To help make your life a little easier when it comes to buying new tools, we have the absolute essentials which you need for your maintenance staff to use on the factory floor and for you to use at home. Without further ado then, let’s take a look at some of the hand tools you need in your life this year.

Craftsman 8 Piece Plier Set

Craftsman have always brought the goods when it comes to quality and they have once again delivered with this $72 plier set which. No matter if you are looking to bend, cut or grab, there is a size here for every occasion and they come in a lightweight bag which is easily portable too. Pliers need to be strong and sturdy and that is just what you will get with this offering.

Punch and Chisel

Stanley are pretty much the kings of the castle when it comes to hand tools and in reality we could have put them anywhere in this list. We have however chosen to add their punch and chisel set to the list because it is one of the handiest kits that we have seen or used. Whether you are trying to tweak a machine to get it to work , grab something which got stuck or jimmy something open, this is the kit you will absolutely need to have on your side. The kit is reasonably priced at just $19 and there a total of 12 pieces in there, greta value for money.

Tap and Die Set

Anyone working in a factory setting can get great value from this brilliant tap and die set from Pittsburgh. Screws from machinery and equipment get mis-threaded all of the time and if that screw is in a hard-to reach place it could cost serious money stripping the machine down in order to replace it. The tap and die set, at just $16, is the perfect option which will help you to re-thread the component and get things up and running again.

Pick and Hook

Another offering from Pittsburgh is this pick and hook set, a 4 piece which you are going to use more than you ever realized that you would. There isn’t really a set reason why you may need the pick and hook set, it is just one of those great tools for grading things, bending metal apart, reaching in for stuff and moving bits and pieces around. Ultimately when you have this little tool set in your toolbox, there are going to be a million things that you find it useful for.

These are the coolest hand tools that we have found so far this year, which is your fave?

Rich Seigel - Author

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