Do It Yourself is all about creating great projects at home, using some tools and materials which you have around you. With this being said however there are a great many industrial products and industrial tools which you can use to make light work of your next DIY project.


We have seen a rise in recent years of people getting busy with DIY projects and the result has been that the practice which once involved putting up a shelf or building your own herb rack, has quickly transformed into large scale projects in the home and in the garden. There are a number of industrial scale tools which are being increasingly used at home at these are some of the machines which rental companies in particular are making great money from with DIY enthusiasts.

Concrete Vibrators

We are seeing more and more adventurous DY enthusiasts who are installing new patios and some are even looking at doing their own driveways and relaying concrete in the home. The key of course to laying a nice piece of flat concrete is to ensure that it is level and smooth, and that is where the whacker plate comes in.AS many of you will know, the smaller ‘residential’ versions of these instruments are very poor and lack a great deal of efficiency, which is why so many prefer to go for the industrial model.


In the same vain as many who are looking at building porches and patios there are many who are really looking to tear things up and for that you are going to need a relatively heavy duty pneumatic drill. These of course are not something which you want in your garage for years and years only to use once or twice, which is why many will rent an industrial sized pneumatic drill to help them to get the job done.


Forklifts have a great amount of use in the home when completing big jobs in the garden and the outside areas of your property. In the same way that a drill would be something that is unlikely for you to keep in the home, so too is a forklift truck, unless of course you do happen to live on a large property. A forklift truck can come in really handy for carrying bags of sand or cement, and helping to adjust materials for structures in the garden such as wooden beams.


When you need a room to dry fast the ultimate solution is to get an industrial style heater in there so that you can get on with the job as soon as possible. An industrial heater is capable of way more than any store bought variety and they really pack a punch when it comes to getting areas dried up and ready to work on.

As you can see there are many Industrial tools which you can use at home for your DIY needs, when the job is big, go industrial!

Rich Seigel - Author

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